Jarvis Cocker new song

I love when the ballad is turned on its head. The piano is played traditionally on this song. Simply. There's nothing groundbreaking about it-it's just pleasant, calming, even lovely. Thousands of love lyrics would fit beautifully upon this music, lulling lovers to a restful sleep in each others' arms. The melody is soothing. It doesn't offend in the least. The song is uncomplicated. It's effortless. It doesn't need effects or anything fancy whatsoever. It's classic.

It's a perfect canvas for painting a bitter portrait of hate that intimates the very real possibility of violence. The lyrics would almost be a joke if Jarvis Cocker's singing weren't so serious and without guile. Cocker turns the ballad into a surreptitious but very real threat that he will kill you, his rival.

There have certainly been lots of revenge songs-possibly as many as there have been love songs. But not like this one.

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